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  1. Example of Carpet Steam Extraction
    Carpet Cleaning
    Dirt, Discoloring and Unpleasant Odor -- Sometimes you can see that your carpet or rug needs a thorough cleaning. Day after day, bit by bit, your carpet gets dirty. Everybody brings dirt in from the outside, food or drinks get spilled, pets leave a history of their existence. Unpleasant odors - harming your indoor air quality - also hide in your carpet and become part of the air you breathe. Don't worry. We have the answer. (See 2 Step Process) Hidden Dirt, Grime and Dust -- A clean looking carpet can conceal unseen dirt, grime, soil, dust and pet dander. Regular household traffic grinds dust and dirt deeply into carpet fibers, where it remains buried and unexposed. Unpleasant odors can emanate from hidden nooks and cranny's in your carpet. Don't worry. We have the answer. (See 2 Step Process) Regular Vacuuming -- Regular vacuuming removes some dust and dirt from the carpet. But, standard vacuum cleaners lack the power to extract deeply embedded dirt. A professional level vacuum cleaner is much stronger than a household vacuum. With regular professional carpet cleaning, you ensure that your carpet remains free from all of that unnoticeable dirt and grime that often hides within your carpet fibers. Want more than regular vacuuming? We have the answer. (See 2 Step Process)
  2. Tile flooring and grout lines steam cleaned.
    Tile & Grout Cleaning
    Over time, the grout lines between tiles become dirty by absorbing spilled dirt, water and liquid detergents left behind from mopping. Without professional cleaning, your grout lines will continue to accumulate dirt and grime, discoloring the look of your entire tiled floor. Tiles also can become embedded with dirt and grime. Our professional service brings your tile and grout to alike new appearance. Want more than mopping? We have the answer. (See 2-Step Process)
  3. Upholstery Cleaning Process.
    Upholstery Cleaning
    The furniture in your home brings character and comfort to your personal interior design. But - your furniture also gets dirty over time. Specializing in cleaning multiple types of home furnishings is no small task. Whether you have simple cotton and polyester blends or silk and wool (even micro-fiber) - our ph balanced cleaning solution will refresh your fabrics without damaging the color or fiber. So When your couch, recliner, love-seat, pit group - even your dining room chairs - need to be cleaned - having them done professionally ensures that they will look, feel and smell great. (See 2 Step Process)
Two-Step Carpet Cleaning Process
Example of Carpet Steam Extraction

Two-Step Carpet Cleaning Process

As a homeowner, you want your carpet to look, feel, and smell fresh.

  My two step cleaning process will leave them clean, soft, and virtually odor-free.

Cleaning solutions need time to penetrate into the fibers that are holding onto the dirt. Then it needs a little more time to break down the dirt itself - allowing it to release.

My "timed out" process relies on powerful, industry-leading cleaning solutions that do just that.
15 minutes of dwell time minumum for the soap to actually have time to work.
That 'time' breaks the bond between your carpet - and the dirt and grime.

THEN - I come in with 'the machine'!
This is where I inject a neutralizing rinse agent!
THIS is what makes me different!

It not only allows deeper extraction of the dirt - but it also removes the cleaning solution!!!!
Because if you don't tell it to stop - soap will keep working!
It will clean your shoes, the dog, those boxes from the garage...
making things dirty even faster.
After the process, your carpet will feel refreshed
It will look great in a way that your family and guests will appreciate.

Step #1
A special heated carpet cleaning solution is sprayed deep into the carpet fibers to loosen embedded dirt.
Step #2
It’s followed by a high-powered extraction and pH-balancing fiber rinse to remove the dirt and cleaning solution, leaving your carpet as clean as it can be.

These 2 steps work on your tile and your furniture as well.