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Two-Step Carpet Cleaning Process

As a homeowner, you want your carpet to look, feel, and smell fresh.

  My two step cleaning process will leave them clean, soft, and virtually odor-free.

Cleaning solutions need time to penetrate into the fibers that are holding onto the dirt. Then it needs a little more time to break down the dirt itself - allowing it to release.

My "timed out" process relies on powerful, industry-leading cleaning solutions that do just that.
15 minutes of dwell time minumum for the soap to actually have time to work.

That 'time' breaks the bond between your carpet - and the dirt and grime.

THEN - I come in with 'the machine'!
This is where I inject a neutralizing rinse agent!
THIS is what makes me different!

It not only allows deeper extraction of the dirt - but it also removes the cleaning solution!!!!
Because if you don't tell it to stop - soap will keep working!
It will clean your shoes, the dog, those boxes from the garage...
making things dirty even faster.
After the process, your carpet will feel refreshed
It will look great in a way that your family and guests will appreciate.

Step #1
A special heated carpet cleaning solution is sprayed deep into the carpet fibers to loosen embedded dirt.
Step #2
It’s followed by a high-powered extraction and pH-balancing fiber rinse to remove the dirt and cleaning solution, leaving your carpet as clean as it can be.

These 2 steps work on your tile and your furniture as well.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call or text.
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